What documents do I need to enrol at ELC?

ELC’s General English course is open to all adult applicants. There are no specific requirements. The only document you need to fill in is our enrolment form. It is available online or as a pdf. Other courses require a minimum level of English, so to enrol in those, you will need to take our level test. Your agent will assist you with this procedure as we have different tests for different courses. Depending on the visa you would like to apply for and the country you come from, other documents might be required. Your agent will be able to advise you on this.


What should I bring on my first day?

Please bring your passport, as well as stationery for your first classes (a notebook and pens).

At what time should I come on my first day?

You should come to school at 9:00 on your first day. Simply introduce yourself to our receptionist and we will guide you from there.

Where do ELC’s students come from?

ELC students are all international students, coming here to study English. In our day course, on an average day, you will find students from up to 20 countries at school! Every student comes with an eagerness to meet people, learn about different cultures and make new friends, so this is a great chance for each of you to practice English every day.


Can I join several courses?

Many of students combine different courses throughout their studies with us and we highly encourage them to do so. Many start with a General English course and then move on to an Academic English course when they reach the required level. When you arrive at ELC you will have a speaking interview with our Director of Studies or one of our Senior teachers. They will assess your level and you will be able to discuss your interests, needs and future plans. From there on, we will be able to customise a study plan to help you reach your goals.

University Pathways

What level of English do I need to gain direct entry through ELC?

Direct Entry agreements are based on equivalences. To enrol into a tertiary course that normally requires an IELTS 5.5, you will need to successfully complete our Academic English course with an EAP1 certificate. An IELTS 6.0 is equivalent to an EAP2 certificate. If your desired course usually requires an IELTS 6.5, you will need to graduate at EAP3 level.

How long do I need to study Academic English for to gain Direct Entry?

To be able to claim Direct Entry into one of our partner institutions, you need to study in our Academic English course for a minimum of 10 weeks. Over that period, the course will prepare you for an extensive range of academic study skills and language you will need for success in your future studies. However, depending on your level of English when you start and level required by the tertiary institution, you may need to study for longer. Many students first study 10-20 weeks General English and then 10-30 weeks Academic English to reach their required level for example. You could take our level test so that we can assess your current level and based on the level required for your future course we could recommend a study length and design your study plan with you.

What does Direct Entry mean?

ELC has direct entry agreements with a number of quality further education institutions in Malaysia. Each course delivered by these schools or universities has some entry requirements: these may include a certain score at your high school certificate in your home country, having previously studied certain topics or having graduated from a diploma course or degree in a relevant field for example. Another criteria to be able to enrol in these courses is a set minimum level of English and academic skills. Many institutions commonly require international students to take the IELTS exam to demonstrate their level of English and academic skills. This is where studying at ELC will help you: ELC’s Direct Entry partners recognise ELC’s Academic English course to satisfy their English requirement. This means that by joining our Academic English course you will not need to take the IELTS exam: you save the cost of taking the exam and the stress! However, you will still need to meet all other entry criteria for your desired course.


When do I need to pay?

Payment is usually required 8 weeks before you start your course. However, depending on the extra services you would like us to arrange for you (such as accommodation or work program) your payment may be required earlier. In any case, your payment due date will be stated on your invoice and a confirmed place at ELC will be secured once all fees have been received as outlined on your invoice.

How can I pay?

ELC accepts payment via credit card and direct deposit. If you are already in Kuala Lumpur at the time of enrolment, you could also come to pay in cash.


What if my chosen accommodation option is not available?

With all accommodation types and room types, you have a lot to choose from. However, some are very popular so when you compare all options and choose your favourite one, also tell your agent what your second preference is in case you preferred option is no longer available. This will save time in the process.

When should I book my accommodation?

It is up to you but the earlier you book, the more options will be available, so we recommend that you look through our range of options at the same time as you book your course and book both at once. In any case, if you would like ELC to arrange accommodation for you, you need to book minimum 4 weeks before you arrive.

Which accommodation option do you recommend?

ELC offers a number of apartment accommodation options of different standards but all are excellent value for money.


What are my visa options?

The majority of ELC students study on one of the following 2 visas: a visitor visa or a student visa. With a visitor visa, you can study with us for 2-12 weeks, either part-time or full-time at your convenience. You will not be allowed to work but will be able to combine study and travel in Malaysia. To qualify for a student visa, you need to enrol for a minimum of 12 weeks full-time. You can find all information you need on visas from EMGS (Education Malaysia Global Services) or via this link.