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Follow these 4 steps to start your enrolment at ELC

  1. Enquire by completing this form

    To receive a comprehensive quote or start your enrolment process, fill in this application form with as much information as you have. This is only an enquiry at this stage and you can use this form to ask questions about any aspects of your stay.

  2. ELC will prepare your quote

    One of our team members will review your details, answer your questions and send you a customised quote

  3. Confirm your choices

    If you are happy with our offer and all answers, simply e-mail us back to confirm that you would like to enrol into the school.

  4. ELC will process your enrolment

    ELC will process your enrolment and send you a final invoice with payment instructions as well as supplementary information on the next steps to follow depending on your profile, program chosen and services required.


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